Friday, August 20, 2010

PVT/Seekae Review

Went to this gig at the Zoo. Was fairly stunning. I asked my colleague 'Matt Cook' (pictured left, on the right Bear + Mouse's Ian Knight) to review the party for me. Here's What he had to say:

Had to wait for a friend, so unfortunately missed Axxon. Picked up their free single though. It’s pretty great, probably prefer the second track to what I assume is the single “let’s get it straight”.
So whilst waiting I made my way down to see Friends of Ben at Barsoma. They were supporting Baby Seal Club who are promoting their new EP and trying to drum up support for their gig at the seemingly doomed “BAM” festival.
Friends of Ben are a pop/surf/harmony/something band who rarely disappoint, and this was no exception. They are definitely worth seeing, even if only for Rory’s sarcastic stage banter.


I got to the Zoo just before the start of Seekae’s set. Seekae have just put out a new single “Blood Bank” off their upcoming album “Plus Dome” and after missing their gig at Empire in April (which Community got kicked out of, not Seekae, thanks Empire ticket chick) I was definitely looking forward to seeing them. These guys are definitely one of the best arguments that laptop shows can be good too. They really get into it, and the combination of sequenced tracks with live instrumentation constantly feels like it could fall apart at any second, which really adds to the fact that this is a live show. Highlights include: Void, Blood Bank, Centaur.


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a massive PVT fan, and this was the first time I’d seen them since their ridiculously early set at Laneway 2009. I remember that they played “Window” at laneway and ever since I’ve been really excited about the prospect of Pivot with vocals. Their set consisted mostly of songs off “Church With no Magic” and I’ve got to say I was impressed by how Rich pulls off the vocals. The band is amazingly tight considering the amount of sampling and instrument swapping done by Rich and Dave. At times Dave (synths, laptops, auxiliary tambourine) looks possessed flailing around in his crazy David Byrne manner, looking like he’s enjoying himself much more than the usual ‘guy with a laptop’. PVT are a incredible live act and probably come off better live than on record. Highlights: Light up Bright Fires, O Soundtrack my Heart, Circle of Friends.

See ya'll reallllll soon,

(Photos by Me, Words by Cook)

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