Sunday, September 26, 2010

Park Life was ok. photos by Me & Words by Cook.

Occasionally I do stupid things like pay $140 to go to festivals. On the upside sometimes these experiences can yield some 'Ok, I guess' photos. These are some of them, I guess. To accompany the dazzling imagery I have a review by the critically acclaimed Matthew Cook.

Cook: Parklife was ok, the crowds made me think that I’d missed the news that we were rationing clothing. Seriously, I was in the shirted minority and I saw way too much exposed mid-rift (most of the time unwelcomely exposed). So yeah, as expected I didn’t think highly of the majority of the crowd, but there were enough bands I wanted to see to actually go.
Teleprompter were first up at midday and unfortunately I only got there for the last half of their Star Wars-themed set, but it was awesome. Since winning the Parklife Unearthed competition the guys have been getting a fair amount of attention from Triple J, which frankly they deserve. Every time I’ve seen Teleprompter I’m always impressed by how tight they are as a band, particularly Adrian and Sam. They really drive the songs and give them that dancey edge. One complaint was that the sound was a bit off, but other than that they failed to disappoint.

Following that we slowly migrated over to the Kakadu stage for Darwin Deez which was an awesome experience. The set was almost excessively cheesy and the guitarist and bassist were really into it, dancing around like lunatics for most of the set. They also had random dance interludes between the songs that only added to the weirdness you’d expect from Darwin Deez. Probably the most ‘fun’ set of the day.

After that was Memory Tapes on ‘The Cave’ stage. Whoever thought putting Yolanda B Cool vs. Dcup (or whatever they’re called) before Memory Tapes clearly had no idea what they were doing. The stage was basically packed with the orange muscled shirtless types with their orange make-up caked girlfriends, clearly just to hear that “Americano” song. These people are breeding; we’re all doomed. All that aside Memory Tapes were really great, they basically played a set which was almost one continuous song, incorporating bits and pieces from ‘Seek Magic’ and largely the songs were re-interpreted to fit with the two-piece with backing track formula. It was interesting to hear different takes on a lot of these songs and while most of them worked some fell flat.

There wasn’t much on at this point so we kind of just wasted time on drinking. During this we managed to see a glimpse of slutwaver Uffie (yay), seriously why is this popular? I don’t get it.

But then we went to see Holy Ghost on their FIRST LIVE TOUR!! They were really, really good and managed to keep their catchy disco vibe going through the whole set despite not having the biggest back catalogue to choose from. An ill advised moustache aside, it was a really good set.

Following this I caught the start of The Dandy Warhols before heading off to see Delorean. The Dandy Warhols were good from what I saw, although they apparently didn’t play Get Off or Not If You Were The Last Junkie on Earth, which is a shame. I really enjoyed Delorean’s set which was good because I wasn’t the biggest fan of their LP. Don’t get me wrong their EP was awesome, it’s just that the blissful house jams kind of get a bit too repetitive over a whole album. They really work live though. Because of the timetabling Delorean pulled a disappointingly small crowd, with Missy, NYPC and The Dandy Warhols all playing at the same time.
After Delorean I wasn’t too fussed on seeing anyone else so we just sat around at the back of the Kakadu stage to watch Cut Copy.

3 word review: Shit New Album

So yeah it wasn’t an amazing day but there were a fair few good bands that were worth seeing.
Go see Teleprompter at Blacklight this weekend.

- Matthew Cook.

Cook has a neat little tumblr page which I link you to just above. Check it out. I also have it on good authority that young Matthew enjoys the odd Vinyl LP. Props to that guy.

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